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Technology in the dental industry has taken major strides over the years. New advancements are being introduced each year to make patient care as efficient and comfortable as possible while also reducing waste. Gone are the days of traditional film x-rays and messy dental moulds! At Dentistry on Dundas, we are proud to offer the latest in comprehensive oral exam technologies.

Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner at Dentistry on Dundas has redefined the process of creating accurate dental impressions, ditching traditional, messy moulds. The mess-free camera offers 360-degree image capturing abilities using nothing more than a simple wand waved over the teeth. This process makes diagnosis, treatment plans, and dental restorations more efficient than ever before, as the digital impressions are instantly available once taken in the dental clinic. We can also use these images to show you exactly what is happening in your mouth and provide you with tips and tricks you can take home for your regular oral hygiene routine.

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