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At Dentistry on Dundas, we offer dental fillings near you to treat cavities caused by tooth decay. This process restores the enamel while preventing bacteria from reaching the sensitive tooth pulp and causing infections. By thoroughly checking every surface of your teeth during routine oral exams, our team is able to stop tooth decay in its tracks with restorative dental fillings before cavities become problematic to your long-term oral health.

Beautiful and Durable Dental Fillings

The main objective of a dental filling is to block tooth decay from penetrating the pulp, which can cause a serious infection and potentially require root canals or extraction. If we find any cavities (small holes in the teeth) during your routine oral exam, our expertly trained dentists at Dentistry on Dundas will recommend having them filled at your next appointment. We can use white composite fillings to prevent further damage without affecting the look of your teeth.

Conquer Tooth Decay

Restorative dental fillings are preventative and affordable for our valued patients in Cambridge. This popular dental treatment method is one of the most common ways to combat tooth decay in its early stages to protect your teeth, leaving you with a happy, healthy smile for years to come. Don’t let tooth decay get the best of your teeth; book your next dental examination today to stay ahead of decay.

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