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Root Canals in Cambridge, ON

The root canal is one of the most effective treatment options for severe tooth decay. When untreated decay deteriorates the tooth down to its inner pulp, it can cause a painful infection and potentially tooth loss. At Dentistry on Dundas, our root canal treatments can save your teeth from permanent damage and maintain your healthy smile.

How Root Canals Work at Dentistry on Dundas

We know root canals sound intimidating, but our dentists are expertly trained to handle your teeth with care. Your tooth pulp consists of fragile, soft tissue that houses blood vessels and nerves, so to save it from permanent damage, your dentist will remove the infected parts of the pulp and preserve the tooth’s outer shell. This prevents the spread of infection and leaves you with your natural tooth intact.

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Trust Our Team with Your Next Root Canal Treatment

At Dentistry on Dundas, we work hard to provide an environment where patients feel calm, comfortable, and well cared for. Let us save your smile with safe, effective root canal procedures that will assist in keeping your smile healthy and complete. If you experience fear or anxiety before a root canal procedure, ask our dental team about sedation dentistry.

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